Joe Allen

Joe Allen (Lion) and Richard Adkins (Tin Man) in The Wiz (2001)

Joe Allen as the Lion and Richard Adkins as the Tin Man - The Wiz (2001)

Joe's Roles in WOW!

  • One of the brothers in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor® Dreamcoat (1996)
  • Big Deal in West Side Story (1997)
  • Annie (1998)
  • Alphonse in The Boy Friend (1999)
  • Burt in 42nd Street (2000)
  • The Lion in The Wiz (2001)

Favourite WOW! Show

The Boy Friend – because it was such fun doing a show that is so cliché

After WOW!

Joe went to London School of Musical Theatre and is now appearing in Charlie & The Chocolate Factory at Drury Lane, London as An Oompa Loompa.

Favourite Experience

Playing to 2500 at Drury Lane every night is a dream come true!

Joe's Advice for Aspiring Performers

"My advice is to take your education as far as you can go. Any qualification you can get like a degree or A levels will help you when you are out of work which as actor will be a lot of the time! If you get one in twenty of the auditions you go for you’re doing well. It’s such a hard business but it’s incredibly rewarding. You have to be prepared to grow a very thick skin – there are lots of knockbacks but they make getting the jobs all that sweeter!"