Sponsorship Opportunities

Your Stars of the Future Need You!

Although Witham is only a short train journey from the West End, the cost of seeing shows in London can be expensive to say the least, making it a rare treat for many, particularly the senior and less able members of our community.

Amateur theatre can keep alive the shows that are not currently playing as well as offering talented young performers the opportunity to develop their skills and confidence. Past members of WOW have since gone on to stage school and are pursuing their love of singing, dancing and acting on a bigger stage.

While the “youth of today” is frequently criticised for its lack of motivation or community involvement, young people who get involved in this great team effort find they not only develop in confidence and maturity but also gain a wider perspective of working with adults in a technically demanding environment. For some, their involvement in WOW will be part of their Duke of Edinburgh programme, for others it will be the backbone of their Record of Achievement. Whatever the motivation, the energy and dynamism lights up the night!

Could you help our potential stars of the future? Costs of mounting a production each year go up and up to match our audience expectations. 10 years ago we performed without amplification, now its an expected part of the show. The cost of putting on a show can be in the region of £15-20,000 for which we receive no grants or public hand-outs.

Whether you are an individual or a local business keen to support the youth of Witham we’d love to hear from you and add your name to the list below. Whether its the cost of printing the programmes and posters or perhaps paying for our rehearsal pianist, as that well-known supermarket says: “Every little helps”.

To show your support for this truly worthwhile organisation, please speak to our Chairman, Richard McNeill on 07801 427702 ***.